Barming to Teal Café Hildenborough on 29 December

01/01/2019 20:50 | Anonymous member
For various reasons there were four different leaders on this ride comprising ten riders. Phil Harvey led the ride out, on a gloomy but still and dry morning, from Barming, through West Malling and Shipbourne, to Hildenborough. Paul hit a large hole at Underriver causing him to fall off and bend the cage plate on his rear derailleur. Gary’s excellent roadside assistance temporarily fixed the offending mechanism but the delay threatened Phil’s plans to get back early in order to get the Gills home game that afternoon. Tony, appreciating Phil’s unerring desire to watch the Gills, took pity and volunteered to lead the group on the return journey. All was going well until Yalding when Tony, upon hearing intermittent hissing noises, discovered a large screw stuck in his tubeless back tyre. While there were many volunteers eager to help the group did not get the tyre to sit properly on the rim. Russell then took over the lead from Tony at Kenwood Road, leaving Tony to wobble back slowly to Wateringbury. Russell then left the group at Barming Bridge so that he could cycle along the Medway towpath, as he had planned. This desertion left David to lead the group up South Street to arrive back at St Andrews Road. A distance 39.9 miles at 13.1 mph average with elevation gain of 2,152 feet.
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