A ride out in lovely December sunshine to the Isle of Sheppey. 12/12/18

12/12/2018 15:22 | Anonymous member

A really large turnout of 22 arrived at Chestnut Street ,on a sunny,If not slightly chilly December morning.Tony Munn offered to lead,and in 3 Groups set off for a break at Beano’s ,Sheerness.A very traditional route out via Upchurch and Lower Halstow and into Sheerness,where  immediately before the stop Stevie got a puncture,but with Gary’s and Keith help soon met up again with the group at the cafe,which was a new one and can be thoroughly recommended for efficiency and pricing. Thereafter,Tony led the group out to Minster  On Sea,for a photo stop.The ride continued back,again taking well established routes to Iwade and Bobbing,where Gary got the second puncture of the day.  and to the finish.A distance of 33 miles at about 13 mph average.

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