Reports submitted by the D+ Group ride leaders. 

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  • 23/03/2019 21:20 | Anonymous member

    A Joint Group ride.Please see D Group report

  • 16/03/2019 15:17 | Anonymous member

    Storm Gareth still had a sting in it’s tail,but at least it was dry. A group of 8 set out from Brooklands Lakes, Snodland. Matthew had already ridden from St Marys Island into  a fierce headwind. With Richard leading,partly wind assisted ,the outroute via Cuxton ,where Matt peeled off,, and Cobham to Lower .Higham was pleasant.It was then onto Cliffe Woods and the break at the Salt Lane cafe.With trees creaking and flags billowing directly against the return route,it became a very challenging ride in the open countryside and cross winds,.It was quite a relief to get to the shelter of Rochester built up area. But tempered by finding the usual cut through from Commissoners Rd to Canal Road all shut and barriered off,but at least a temporary footpath was found.. The last leg,still battling into the wind,but at least flat ,went through Wouldham and over Peters Bridge to Snodland and the finish. A distance of only 29 miles at about 11 mph.

  • 09/03/2019 17:09 | Anonymous member

     A really blustery morning,didn’t deter a group of 10 joining Russell, at Lenham knowing that it was going to be a lumpy,challenging ride to Brogdale.With the wind assisting ,Russell led his flock firstly up Hubbard’s Hill before some lovely descents to Newnham.Continuing on undulating narrow lanes in the Lewson Street area,a local parish nerd roared towards the group and everyone had to scuttle quickly into the hedgerows so as  not to be used as skittles.However,carrying on,Russ took many loops bypassing Faversham and a very steep Coxetts Hill,where Sarah B.V. came out of her clips and feminally landed in the vergeside mud,but fortunately with only hurt pride.It was quickly onto the break at Brogdale,where Russ had reserved in big circular table accomodating all the group. The return,and inevitably everyone knew that the strong wind was going to be against virtually all the way back,and it was a steady rise to get to the top of the downs at Stalisfield Green,before a welcome relief descending Hart Hill,and crossing the A20 to Charing Heath and the final section back to Lenham.A distance of 31 miles at 12 mph and about 2000ft ascents,depending on whose Garmin was accepted.A much longer ride for Andy T.V who rode both ways from Ditton and wanted to get even more hills in!Great ride Russ,Thankyou.

  • 02/03/2019 16:22 | Anonymous member

    The usual large turnout of 3 groups met at Wrotham,and Brian Kavanagh led a group of 10 on a D + ride.  He took the group onto lanes through Ryarsh to Snodland ,then over Peters Bridge and into Wouldham.From there it was over the M2 foot bridge,where a lone cyclist with a puncture was very thankful for the use of Angie's pump. Brian continued by going down to Cuxton then the first climb up Cobhambury Hill to Cobham and the break at Shorne Country Park which was extremely busy ,so service was quite slow. The return route,and Brian went back into Cobham and down through Gold Street to Luddenham,before the  climb back up to Harvei  via Dean Lane.. Inci was feeling severe back pain,so Angie and Mo supported her to the  finish at Wrotham.  A distance of 31 miles at about 12 mph and 2150 ft ascents,without any incidents.and about the same time as the B+ and D Groups to meet up for a chat.   Thanks Brian for a great ride.

  • 26/02/2019 06:54 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A fantastic turnout for the three rides meeting at Bell Lane, Staplehurst.  Ten courageous riders accepted the challenge of Russell's claimed flatter than last week's ride!  First challenge was negotiating our way on foot through the extensive Marden Road closure.  Making our way through Marden Beech and Claygate for our 1st slope of the day, Castle Hill.  Missed the opportunity of a very early cafe stop at Gray's, Brenchley to join Cycle Route 18 for the 2nd lump of the day to get to Kipping's Cross and the challenge of crossing the hectic A21.  Then is was the pleasant ride past the Curling Centre before some more slope for our 3rd more challenging slope at Swatland Farm only for our success to be thwarted by by an oncoming 4x4 forcing us off our bikes just before the top.  A mucky road at Wood's Green to avoid busy B2100 to get in and out of Bewl along a mud track but at least it avoided the A21.  A really pleasant sunny break then a great downhill into Lambershurst before our 4th good slope of the day towards Horsmonden.  Back on CR18 skirting Goudhurst then on past Blantyre HMP and Hush Heath Winery to get back to Bell Lane just after the B+ riders. 35.6 miles at just on 11 mph because of the roads traversed with 2779 ft of ascent.

    Route on Strava

  • 16/02/2019 18:09 | Anonymous member

    A misty ,murky morning,but 17 riders were not deterred and with Richard leading,set off from East Malling.Good to see a few riders who normally go with the D ‘s trying a D+ ride. The route out took the group through West Malling to Offham and Crouch,where Colin sustained the only puncture,on a tubeless tyre,which needed an inner tube to fix it.After that it was on the flat through Hadlow and Golden Green before the steep climb of Crittenden Road to Matfield and the break at Grays cafe,Brenchley. The return was a bit flatter at first to Yalding before the inevitable clambers of Kenward and Red Hill back to East Malling.A distance of 35 miles at 13 mph and 1900 ft climbs.

  • 09/02/2019 19:33 | Anonymous member

    A huge gathering at Mote Park of 5 Groups,B+,both  D’s,C and Easy riders +. When sorted out,Russell coralled 12 to join him for a ride to Lenham via Westwell.  After very heavy overnight rain ,and with still high winds,they set off through numerous large puddles in the park. From there it was uphill to Otham and Kingswood via the muddy and debris strewn lanes to Platts Heath and Egerton to Hothfield before the turn around in Westwell village.Having had the strong winds  mainly in their favour,it was pay back time.Russ continued his lead along the Pilgrims Way,where a fallen tree which completely crossed the road was being removed,so it was through the trees off road to get around the obstacle.Always worth a group photo.!. Everyone was starting to look forward to the break at Lenham,but that was delayed a bit for Mick having a puncture,but most of the group carried on,and all met up there later.Following the stop,Russ kept mainly on the Pilgrims Way again,still into the wind and puddles all the way to Detling,with another photo stop at the wooden carving of the Pilgrim sitting on a bench.  Later, a scream alerted everyone,when Inci got a severe leg cramp,and Tony M was on hand to lift her leg and massage it(well that was his version).!.From there it was uneventful back to the park,with a few dropping off beforehand  to cycle home. A distance of 42 miles at about 11.5 mph and 770 metres ascents.Great ride Russ.Thankyou

  • 02/02/2019 18:44 | Anonymous member

    After overnight snow and frost,the ride from Yalding was cancelled on safety grounds

  • 26/01/2019 16:34 | Anonymous member

    When 4 Groups ,B+,C, D+ and D ‘s all start from the same location,you know that it will always be very busy.And so it turned out. However when they all sorted themselves out,Richard was joined by a group of 15 and headed off to The Old Mill cafe,outside Eastchurch prison. With the wind firmly behind it was pleasant cycling on a mild,dry morning,.  Going out through country lanes to the Sheppey Bridge,then Halfway,before taking the cycle path to Barton’s Point and Minster.After earlier flat cycling,the lumps started all the way to the break. Unfortunately the cafe had run out of bread,but offered other tasty fayre.Several took the opportunity to visit the onsite Aviation museum which was very interesting.It was inevitable that the return was going to be almost completely into the wind,so progress was a bit slower through Iwade and Newington to the finish.A distance of 35 miles at 12.5 mph and about 500 metres ascents,without any incidents.

  • 19/01/2019 17:49 | Anonymous member

    Russell valiantly took  the lead at short notice at Headcorn and opted to go to Hawkhurst. On a chilly morning,he led with a group of 11,including Jules and Graham,who normally ride with the B Group,and Matthew who wanted to give the D+ a go.Russ set off and on a lovely route  that went out towards Smarden and Biddenden to Benenden. Thereafter came the start of some challenging lumps via Iden Green and Hawkhurst Moor ,before the break in the village cafe at Hawkhurst crossroads.The staff were most accommodating and served good wholesome fayre at reasonable prices. After starting off again,Russ kept the hilly theme going to Glassenbury and Colliers Green,before arriving back on the flat near Staplehurst and a leisurely run to   Headcorn. A distance of 35 miles at about 12 mph average and 2050 ft  ascents. Really good ride.Thankyou Russ.

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