Reports submitted by the D+ Group ride leaders. 

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  • 19/08/2017 19:06 | Anonymous

    With a large amount of riders turning up for today's joint ride and Tony Munn now able to attend it was agreed with John that we do a D and D+ ride. Tony led 7 riders on a loop to Ditton before cycling out via Aylesford to Eccles. The group then continued through Wouldham across the Medway Bridge and  down to Cuxton. Continuing the group cycled via Dode and up the long climb to Harvel, a long drop then followed down Holly Hill before continuing via Ryarsh and the stop at The Jungle Cafe.  Then back via Offham with a loop around the back of East Malling which saw the group arrive back 5 mins before the Ds

    Distance 30.5 miles Average Speed 12.1 miles Climb 1900 ft

  • 12/08/2017 22:28 | Anonymous

    A really big gathering of Easyriders and D groups converged at Mote Park,to find the the parking charge had gone up by 100percent,also that a part had been cordoned off for a police incident.However,each group mustered their flock,and Russell led again for a second week(Thankyou Russ).He took the group out of the park,up to Otham and Kingswood and Platts Heath to Lenham. It was then up Stede Hill,over the North Downs to Wormshill  Bexon and the break at the Bredgar post office cafe.A nice sit out in the sunshine before the return journey.Russell continued the many undulations out towards Oad Street, and on narrow country lanes up to Hucking  encountering many motor cyclist going to a festival at the village pub. It was then on to the steep descent of Coldblow Lane and the Pilgrims Way to Detling,before arriving back at the park.A distance of 33 miles over 2000 feet ascents at about 13 mph average.Great ride Russell Thankyou.

  • 06/08/2017 09:06 | Anonymous

    Yalding station car park was amassed with 25 riders,who fortunately sorted themselves out between the D groups,with Rachel leading 11D's and Russell taking his group of D+ riders out on a bright morning to Goudhurst. Trying to stay in 2 packs,the journey ventured firstly on the nice flat,open countryside of East Peckham to Tudeley before the undulations around Capel. Russell found very quiet lanes,and even a tiny bit of off road,over a footbridge crossing the very busy A228 ,before entering Pembury.The undulations became somewhat steeper towards Matfield but was helped by the lovely scenery.Inevitably ,there is always a Hill going up to Goudhurst,but with the thought of the break in sight eased the strain.The stop was at Weeks Bakery /cafe,and an upstairs room had already been set aside for us.I think the staff were overwhelmed a bit,as it took some time for all to get served.Also worth thinking about is the disparity in prices between eating in and take away.Starting off again,the sky blackened and waterproofed were donned just in time for a really heavy downpour,which fortunately didn't last.Russ continued the circular route with some more ups and downs,again keeping to quiet lanes,before getting on the flat again towards Milebush,where Darren drooled over a Carlton pre 1987 road bike which was up for sale for £70 outside a house.Apparently ideal for the annual Eroica Derbyshire peaks event.The final leg to Yalding remained uneventful,with various riders dropping off near their homes,before the Really thunderous sky deluged again.A distance of 35 miles,with over 2000 feet ascents,at about 12 mph average.Thanks Russ,great ride.

  • 30/07/2017 13:45 | Anonymous

    A joint group ride,with the report on D group website.

  • 22/07/2017 19:06 | Anonymous

    Ride from Headcorn to Bethersden and around Hothfield, was lead by Allan and attended by 14 Club members.  A 32 mile route with an average pace of 13.8 mph with a climb of 1187 feet.

    Thankfully the weather was good to us which naturally puts the quality of any ride a few grades higher.  We headed out of Headcorn and along the very flat Smarden road, up Bedlam to and up one of the rare hills of the day to Egerton.  Up to Pluckley, where the junctions were the usual either nothing doing or chaotic; we experienced both today.

    A lovely long down hill to Bethersden, to the Greenways Garden Centre for the usual scoff.  Good food served here.

    We then headed along a fantastic cycling road to Hothfield, long flat, pothole free and very quiet.....magic. Today we were honoured to have some high flying cyclists and chatter boxes from the Inters, Martyn and Joseph and along with Dave all had their fix wheel bikes.   Delighted to see you guys and hope to see you again soon. 

    We then wiggled our way up our second and last hill of the day back to Pluckley, down and along to the  Egerton Forstal back to Headcorn.

    A lovely predominantly flat route around an area which is fantastic to cycle.  But what made it a success was the people who attended, great company and great fun. PS….To have the final word on the topic of Dr Who and the gender change, personally I am delighted!!

    Thanks for a lovely day D+ Loyal.

  • 15/07/2017 22:38 | Anonymous

    Tony Munn led 12 riders on a slightly undulating ride to Gray's at Brenchley.  Cycling out via East and West Malling the group headed for Offham,  Platt and Crouch before dropping down to Hadlow. Continuing on the flat they passed  Golden Green before a series of climbs after Tudeley in preparation for the dreaded climb up Crittenden Road to Matfield. The first steep climb of the day was made with just one rider having problems with his chain. Continuing the group reached Gray's only to find the Easy Group leaving having cleared the cafe of most of the food !!!!! The route back was via Laddingford ,Yalding up Kenwood and the second dreaded climb of the day up Red Hill before the drop to Aylesford via Ditton. Distance 37 miles Average Speed 13.1 mph

  • 08/07/2017 16:32 | Anonymous

    please see D Group  ride reports  and photos for the day

  • 01/07/2017 23:17 | Anonymous

    Tony Munn received no takers for his intended ride from Barming to Rochester,so he joined a group of 13 for a D group ride led by Chris Moon to Paddock Wood.

    Thankyou Tony for your endeavours  especially at such short notice.

  • 24/06/2017 16:56 | Anonymous
    Tony Munn led 9 riders from a very busy Marden on a joint ride. They headed out towards Collier Street before climbing up to Brenchley and the viewing point before proceeding to Matfield, Tudeley and the drop to Golden Green. A loop around Hadlow then took them to East Peckham and the stop at The Village Cafe at Paddock Wood. They returned via Laddingford. Yalding and Chain Hurst having avoided the rain that threatened for most of the ride. .Distance 36 miles Averaged MPH 13.5.
  • 17/06/2017 15:15 | Anonymous

    The report is on the D Section..Where are all the D+ riders?

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